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We are passionate about growing premium CBD wellness products that you can trust.  Located in the heart of Central California’s Wine Country, Orso Farms is the largest producer of USDA certified organic hemp flower on the west coast. 

What sets Orso Farms’ CBD products apart is our location. Our hemp flourishes on USDA Certified Organic Land, benefiting from the optimal microclimate of coastal California. We firmly believe that the environment in which hemp grows significantly influences the caliber of CBD it yields. The proof is in the quality of our products.

Our team brings a wealth of agricultural and hemp cultivation experience, with a collective knowledge exceeding 150 years. Since opening in 2019, our focus is on producing top-tier hemp flower that our customers trust. Our principles of quality, transparency, and simplicity are part of our mission to set a new industry standard, a standard elevated by the scale of our operations.


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True Relief CBD

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Dr Ronda Podcast Dec.12:

Join Ronda Nelson and Chris Lippe in an exciting episode where they discuss the revolutionary Orso Pro True Relief product that stands out in the pain relief market, offering a unique blend of clinical insights and business perspectives.

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Our Science

Transdermal Delivery Method

Our Story - Orso Pro

Crafted with a science-driven approach, the Orso Pro True Relief CBD Roll-On offers a harmonious blend of pain and inflammation relief. Orso Pro True Relief seamlessly integrates USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil, cultivated on our California estate, with three potent functional organic ingredients: Arnica Montana, Boswellia Serrata, and Blue Tansy Oil.

The distinctive transdermal delivery method employed by Orso Pro ensures immediate response and sustained absorption through the skin. Operating from the outside in, Orso Pro harnesses advanced infusions of plant-based components to specifically address inflammation, muscle discomfort, joint issues, pain management, and other symptoms linked to chronic conditions.

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Supports the Body's Natural Inflammation Response for Joint Pain

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