Our Team

Jordan Blancarte-Orso Pro

Jordan Blancarte

Chief Operating Officer

Jordan Blancarte serves as the COO and stands as one of the founding members of Orso Farms. Jordan received his degree in Applied Physics B.Sc. from UC Santa Cruz, becoming the first college graduate within his family. His scientific passions led him to work as a research assistant at UC Berkeley’s Space Science Laboratory (SSL) in the magnetospheric science group, analyzing particle-wave dynamics from the Van Allen spacecraft data.

Although his aspiration of becoming an astronaut was curtailed by his less than perfect vision, his academic interests transitioned him into a pivotal role at Orso Farms. After graduation, Jordan’s career in the CBD industry began organically after joining the team as a scientific advisor and compliance officer.

As Orso Farms flourished, Jordan has been influential in developing and expanding all aspects of the business. His reach has spanned from seed cultivation, processing, extraction, product research/development, and sales. Jordan’s hands-on and comprehensive involvement in California’s CBD industry keeps Orso Farms delivering the highest grade organic estate-grown CBD.

Russ Dotson-Orso Pro

Russ Dotson

Oak Hill Ranch | Director of Farming

Russ’ journey with the Oak Hill Ranch is connected to its historical roots. It was fascinating to learn about the land’s rich history, stretching back to the 19th century and involving notable US Presidents like Chester A. Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, and Grover Cleveland. The fact that the land has been maintained and cherished across generations is a testament to the enduring legacy of farming and the importance of preserving agricultural heritage.

Russ’ transition began in 1998, purchasing the ranch to pursue a sheepdog hobby and escape city life, which is a wonderful example of how personal passions can intertwine with a deep love for the land. The evolution from a “Family Farm” that was self-sufficient in raising livestock and growing crops to our modern-day endeavors in organic farming and diverse crop rotations was done with forethought.

The transformation of the aging vineyards from conventional to Certified Organic and the integration into our larger crop rotation scheme was a significant step toward sustainability and environmental responsibility. The decision to shift from exclusively growing grapes for commercial wineries to incorporating a variety of crops, such as Hemp, Carrots, Shallots, and Garlic, reflects a dynamic and adaptive approach to farming that has led to increased biodiversity, soil health, and overall farm resilience.

Maintaining the tradition of the “Family Farm” is a beautiful sentiment that resonates with the values of many who appreciate the connection between humans and the land that sustains us. Russ’ dedication to caring for the land and continuing the legacy of sustainable farming practices demonstrates a deep sense of responsibility and stewardship for the environment.

We believe that this is a remarkable example of how agriculture can bridge the past, present, and future, combining historical significance with modern innovation to create a sustainable and thriving farm.

Chris Lippe-Orso Pro

Christopher Lippe

Director of Business Operations

Chris has a diverse background that spans various industries and roles from business consulting, running a sales force for a supplement company, owning and operating a coffeehouse chain, strategic planning for a healthcare event and managing a real estate portfolio.

Chris directed the consulting group SP of South Coastal CA Consultants to represent the supplement company, Standard Process, Inc. He and his team demonstrated a deep understanding of 300+ whole food supplements and effectively communicated wellness, marketing and business strategies and solutions to healthcare practitioners to effectively grow the product brand in holistic healthcare offices throughout Southern California.

Prior to that, Chris founded, owned and managed a chain of coffeehouses in Southern CA. His entrepreneurial spirit, understanding of the hospitality and food service industry, team management development and robust marketing lead to a successful sale with a worldwide coffee industry leader.

Networking with healthcare professionals and a strong knowledge of industry trends lead Chris to be the Advisory Director to Cal Jam, one of the largest chiropractic conventions in the nation. His business involvement in marketing, event planning, strategic pricing and leading speakers in the health and wellness industry, lead to the largest practitioner enrollments during his tenure.

Chris has operated a portfolio of residential real estate rentals for over 15 years. Understanding the dynamics of the market, property management and tenant relations has surprisingly become a passion of his.

Chris’ background in business owning, finance, strategic planning, marketing and strong interpersonal skills has naturally led him to business consulting. His specialty is assessing and developing start-up businesses and has shown proven growth with various healthcare practices and supplement companies.

Doug Williams​-Orso Pro

Doug Williams

Williams Family Farm | Farming Manager

Doug’s journey and accomplishments as a farmer – owning, and operating a farm for several decades, working with a variety of crops, and obtaining certifications in farm food safety and organic practices are all significant accomplishments.

Doug’s experience of growing USDA Certified Organic Hemp, Carrots, Shallots, and Garlic demonstrates my commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. Organic certification by both CCOF and the USDA means that he must adhere to strict standards for soil health, pest management, and overall farm management, which is beneficial for the environment and the quality of the crops we cultivate.

The continuation of Doug’s family’s legacy by owning the adjacent farm to Oak Hill Ranch since the 1950s is truly significant. This longstanding connection to the land offers a wealth of benefits that greatly contribute to his expertise as a farmer.

Doug’s experience and dedication make him an integral part of the agricultural landscape, playing a crucial role in preserving the legacy of the land while embracing modern sustainable practices. Doug’s ability to draw on this deep well of knowledge and experience sets him apart as a farmer who is working the land and actively stewarding it for the future. The combination of historical context, local expertise, and sustainable practices makes his role in farming important, contributing to the well-being of the land and the community around it.

Celeste Dotson-Orso Pro

Celeste Dotson

Chief Financial Officer

Orso Farms is not Celeste’s first adventure in the entrepreneurial space.

Celeste’s early career years as a Systems Analyst; working with businesses to find computerized solutions to streamline their business processes, laid a strong foundation that influenced her entrepreneurial journey in significant ways.

As a member of the Baby Boomer generation, who were beginning to have children of their own, Celeste saw a business opportunity after a visit to a Discovery Zone with her young children. She felt the Discovery Zone had a “good idea” in concept but felt there was much to be improved upon to enhance the experience for children and parents alike.

With this in mind, a partnership was formed to bring a larger and improved concept to the market, resulting in The Jungle, Fun & Adventure; a 20,000-square-foot facility with the intent to craft a memorable and inclusive family experience providing something for everyone in the family. The Jungle, Fun & Adventure successfully grew into four multi-state locations generating over $7.5 million in annual sales.

The Jungle, Fun & Adventure was an integral part of her children’s childhood, providing them countless hours playing and ultimately, when old enough, working in the business.

After 15 years of ownership, the decision to sell The Jungle, Fun & Adventure was made in 2005; it was agreed, it was time for a new chapter.

Celeste’s journey is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, and impact on her community. Her ability to spot opportunities, turn them into reality, and establish a business that creates lasting memories showcases her vision the determination.

Celeste moved to the ranch in 2018. Her path to the ranch has been filled with unique experiences and coincidences that highlight the unpredictable nature of life and the opportunities that can arise from unexpected turns. But this is an entire, more in-depth, story, far too lengthy to summarize here; other than, the idea that perhaps there are no coincidences and that what might seem coincidental can lead to unexpected JOY!

Advisory Board

Ben Viola-Orso Pro

Ben Viola

Advisory Director

Ben most recently has been the Director of Sales and Education for Integrative Solutions of America, a consulting firm in the health professional industry. Supporting companies bringing novel products to the market space in nutrition, herbal medicine and DNA testing.

Previously, Ben spend the last 20-plus years as managing director of SP Nutrition Northeast, representing the supplement company Standard Process and MediHerb, a western herbal medicine company. There he directed a team of sales representatives, in the education and support of health care professionals training them in the uses of whole food supplements and Western and Ayurvedic herbal medicines. His team covered New England and Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands with enduring growth and success.

As director of Standard Process Nutrition, Ben progressed as a sales professional, then sales manager, and finally director. In these roles he became a master salesperson, motivated by knowing that the alternative medicines truly made a difference in the lives of so many. By building relationships with practitioners, he was given the opportunity to partner, educate, and deliver life-changing products. He considers those accounts, both key and emerging, to be partners in his success.

During his tenure he became extremely comfortable discussing the effects of interventions on human physiology. Though his focus has been on nutrition and western herbal medicine, He is well-positioned to lead our team of knowledgeable sales representatives in the emerging field of Endocannabinoid medicine. His strengths lie in his communication to the sales team to provide unparalleled service and product education to the health care professionals utilizing Orso Pro products in their practices.

Ben is a graduate of Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.